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Lightning Fast Growth

Get high returns on your investments every hour. Not months; not weeks; not days. Grow your wealth rapidly EVERY HOUR!

Incredibly High Returns

Get up to an impressive 0.41% return on your investment every hour over your investment period. Just sit and watch your wealth multiply.

Be in Complete Control

Invest for short sprints of 14 days. Withdraw your money at the end of the investment period or reinvest to multiply it again. Be in control of your wealth growth.

Intelligent & Transparent

Our highly tested, improved and perfected AI makes quick and accurate trading decisions that accrue wealth for you, which you can track in realtime

About Us

We are disrupting the Financial Industry and Making Savvy Investments Accessible to Everyone

VentraChain is powerful, profitable, and relentless in its pursuit of producing outstanding ROI for you.

VentraChain is a fully autonomous, high-frequency trading platform powered by blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. Our advanced AI analyzes millions of trading operations being executed on a vast number of crypto-exchanges to make intelligent price predictions about multiple cryptocurrencies. After combining that data with the relevant transaction fees, the AI identifies the most lucrative trades and executes them.

The platform makes use of a decentralized data centers located across the world, thereby giving the investors the advantage of 100% uptime, so that their investments never miss a beat to capitalize on a lucrative trading opportunity. The returns are accrued to the deposits every hour, enabling the investors to watch their investments grow in near-real-time and bringing complete transparency to the entire system.

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How It Works?

Multiply Your Wealth in 3 Easy Steps

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Click on the Signup button, share your details, and register yourself on VentraChain.

Step 2:

Choose Your Investment Plan

We offer 2 short-term plans to suit the risk appetite of different investors. Pick your plan.

Step 3:

Sit Back, Relax, & Start Earning

Access your dashboard and monitor your portfolio as it accumulates wealth for you

Simple, Easy, and Massively Profitable

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For Investors

Investment Contracts

We offer 2 short-term contracts to suit the risk appetite of different investors


Min. 0.002 BTC – Max. 0.1 BTC



Min. 0.1002 BTC – Max. 50 BTC

  • 0.00050000 BTC

    Hourly Profit
  • 0.00050000 BTC

    Daily Profit
  • 0.00050000 BTC

    Total Profit


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Why Choose VentraChain?

Secure and Safe

We employ robust security features, including SSL encryption, high-security logins, and multiple fail-safe measures to secure your funds. They are safe and well-protected.

Payment Options

Invest and withdraw using a mode of payment that’s convenient for you. We support multiple cryptocurrencies on our platform to make it hassle-free for our investors.

Fully Automated

You make a deposit in your account, and that’s it. No background research, no perpetual browsing of news, and no financial markets knowledge required. It's truly passive.

Global Access

VentraChain is open to investors everywhere across the world, 24*7*365. No time zone barriers. No geographical barriers. No payment option barriers.

Real-time Dashboards

Get a 360-degree view of your investments and monitor the growth of your wealth in real-time with a smart dashboard. VentraChain is 100% transparent and open.

Competitive Commissions

With VentraChain, you can not only grow your money but also earn it. Introduce VentraChain to your friends, family, and your networks to earn over 15% on their investments.

Our Features

Investments of 0.002 BTC - 50 BTC

Fixed, Upfront Fees. No Hidden Charges.

Safe, Secure, and Reliable

Round-the-Clock Trading

Unlimited Deposits

Zero Intervention Required

Investors from All Countries Accepted

Multiple Payment Options Supported

24x7 Customer Support

Affiliate Program

3-tiered VentraChain
Affiliate Program

Help Us Grow and Enjoy a Share of Our Success With Our Affiliate Program

Put your network of friends, colleagues, acquaintances, family, and long-lost relatives to work and help us grow. For every new investor that joins our platform and makes their deposit with us because of you, we reward you. Indeed, you earn not only on the affiliate actions of your referrals but also on that of their referrals too. Join VentraChain’s 3–tiered affiliate program and create a new source of income for yourself. Here are our affiliate plans:

First Level


Second Level


Third Level


Join VentraChain Affiliate Program Today. It’s Free!

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